Online image resizer

Image resize will resize for your digital images, make it smaller so you can post it in forums, send it by emails or use it as avatars.

You can add text with shadow over your images, rotate & flip and crop just a part of an image.

Image resizing is easy as that:

  • select your image on your local hard drive
  • enter width of resized image
  • click 'Upload & resize'
  • wait until your image is uploaded
  • select crop area on resized image and crop just a part of it if you want
We do not store your images! They are deleted from server short time after upload.

Resize image

Select image:
(supported file types: JPG, GIF, BMP & PNG)

Image properties:

New Width: pixels Invalid format.  A value is required.
New Heigth: pixels Invalid format.(leave blank for preserving the aspect ratio)
Image quality: (high quality = big file)

Text properties:

Position: Left: pixels        Top: pixels

(After click wait for a while until file is uploaded to server)